Tesla`s sparks and theirs "dark followers"
- excerpt from Tesla Waves investigations -


   First, look a picture of a "normal" spark, emanated from classical Tesla`s Transformer, energized with Richie Burnett`s mosfet driver:

linear spark

   In our recent experiment with ruby crystal and cooper wire prism we used a same driver type, but with “Magnifying Amplifier” – version of Tesla`s transformer, with specially constructed extracoil. Experimental setup is given below.

exper.setup            sporet

   On the next pictures, given below, it is obvious that before a crystal exciting occurred, ruby was red, as ordinarily it is in nature, and spark was circulating around him as it is expected.

rubyonside            rubyincenter

   And then, suddenly, strong "flash", was seen for a moment afterwarded with a very short, ephemeral, luminescent "pause”. As we can see on the next picture, in this moment of a first ruby crystal exciting phase, it is noticeable that sparks as if “issue” directly from a ruby interior …


   … and next was a very bright, white light, looks like as if is emanated from a center of a ruby crystal ! Please, look next two frames:

rubythin            rubyfat

   Whether spark goes “above ruby crystal surface” or directly through crystal structure - I don’t know, but, this was not the end of my surprises... As anyone can see on the pictures given below, it is undoubtedly visible that excited, luminous ruby crystal evinces a usual sparks but, also a symmetrical, mirror shape, “Dark twin” of this “normal”, bright sparks :

twintin            twinfat

   By our suppositions, some changes of a utilized frequency round its resonant value, presumably triggered some kind of electric "disturbances" in ruby atom energy states, caused something like avalanche effect of electrons moving. Hence, we get some kind of "laser effect", moreover, it was look like as if crystal becomes a conductive?
   Moreover, some kind of an “increased local-space conductivity” can be observed. If you behold a ruby crystal movie, you can notice that sparks becomes rather peaceful after a ruby flashed.
   We have no explanations for observed effects, but can accentuate that we used extracoil specially constructed according to our EDQ model predictions, in order to radiate energy predominantly in a NonHertzian form. Hence, we think that this experiment possibly indicate a multidimensional structure of Tesla waves !
   Regarding EDQ model hypotheses, our space-time-matter reality have „other side“ also – as a completely „inverse“ (in a multidimensional sense) form of „this side“ ... where velocity increasing of corpuscular object does not imply energy increase but decrease ... and vice versa ...

Total energy

   This could be a good reason to review our theories again ...

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