Few interesting Tesla Coil experiments from gmarjanovic`s home laboratory:


   Some of classical (H-hertzian) effects:

      - classic, linear spark, 493K. (*.avi)
      - "HV motor", rotary spark, 240K. (*.mpg)
      - uncommon, "electric-scatter", 464K. (*.mpg)
      - wireless neon lamp, 267K. (*.mpg)
      - bulb as a plazma globe, 341K. (*.mpg)

         and two wonderful, extraordinary experiments with arc-plasma (power) modulation:

      - singing arc, little of   Serbian folk, 802K. (*.avi)
      - talking arc, speak:   Albert Einstein, 1187K. (*.avi)

   Some of unconventional (NON-hertzian) effects:

      - Excited, luminous ruby crystal, (1357K., *.avi, slowed down), with “normal”, bright sparks and with
      - amazing “Dark twins”, symmetrical, "mirror shapes", of this “normal”, bright sparks ...

               This experiment was realized with ruby crystal and by diminish models of Keops pyramid and Tesla`s Magnifying Amplifier. Ruby crystal was placed on to the top of the cooper wire pyramid, whose measures are entirely proportional to the Keops pyramid, and pyramid was placed on Tesla`s transformer`s Top load. By my suppositions, some changes of a utilized frequency round its resonant value, presumably triggered some kind of electric "disturbances" in ruby atom energy states, caused something like avalanche effect of electrons moving. Hence, we get some kind of "laser effect", moreover, look like as if crystal becomes a conductive?
               Please, click here to see some unique pictures and to acquaint with my next amazing discovery: excited, luminous ruby crystal evince a "Dark twin" of “normal”, bright sparks…

      - "aflame-spark" or "candle-arc", 665K. (*.mpg)

               If you wonder: What is "unconventional" here, we can say: "Maybe nothing, but you can see that needles glow although power consumption is only 20-50 W". If You think that great energy density (e.g.) is a only reason why needles glow, we suggest you to do some experiments ...

      - "Earth-globe-resonance", 1Hz Scalar wave oscilations, 697K. (*.mpg)

               In this experiment You can see energy oscillations with frequency of about 1 Hz. Considering fact that car ignition coil inductance is 25 H, appropriate condenser should have a capacity off about 1,000 microF. Whereas in my apparatus there is no such condenser, only possible "HV-system" resonant-capacity is Earth globe. As we know Earth globe capacity is 703 microF, and expected resonant frequency is about 1.2 Hz. If one suspects that Earth does not "participate" in this experiment, we can notice that it is impossible to establish "resonant" state oscillations whenever, especially few days after earthquake …

   WARNING: If You intend to experiment with great power using mosfet`s, prepare to see a lot of pictures like this:
- destroyed even a very mighty and powerful transistors as IRFPC50 and/or IRFP450 are ...,

How to destroy a mosfet?

... but if you wont to achieve (and especially exceed) a MILLION volts ...

   Tesla`s Scalar wave`s visualization experiment will be exposed a very soon ...

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