Teslion as Tesla's waves quant carrier illustration

   According to EDQ and EOU models' propositions, there is an analogy between (a number of) different radiation ranges and (a number of) basic stable corpuscles. Moreover, in considering Hypothesis 3, the speed of light is quite reachable for objects with a real remaining mass (m0) and a Photon (e.g. as a quant carrier of classical "Hertzian" EM waves), being a stable object of order 8 (H1/EDQ model), with m0 = 1.6*10- 38 kg, and an associated compton wavelength: lc=1.35*10-4 [m].
   Just like a photon, Teslion is a corpuscular form of "matter state", expressed in our Unity as a stable object of order 9, with a quite real rest mass: m0 = 1.1*10- 49 kg. Wave form of the same object, named Tesla waves, have compton wavelength of
lc=2*107 [m], i.e. frequency of 14.8 Hz. As we know, frequency of 11.47 Hz is already known as a Tesla's frequency. This fact was a basic reason for naming "stable-object-9" a TESLION.
   For now, all details are exposed only in the "Serbian version", but will be accessible in the English very soon. Briefly, here we can introduce one very interesting detail.

   Peak energy level of a K9-object, whose wave form of "space-time-matter" entity we called Tesla waves, is l = lc * (1-v2/vmax2)1/2 = 20.04*106*0.037 = 741480 m, which corresponds to frequency of 404.59 Hz. As we know, most of "zero point", "free energy", and all different kinds of "overunity" devices (Thomas Moray Radiant device, Floyd Sweet VTA,...,Michel Mace Solid state energy converter etc.) provide maximal output energy with current whose frequency is about 400 Hz! Amazingly, "Earth - radius - resonant - length" is Rp = 6.38*106 * 3.14 = 2.004*107 m, which is almost equal to Tesla-waves compton wavelength:lc=2*107 [m].
   One of fairly "Earth-resonant" devices is Milan Mancich' "HF Transformer", which he presented in J.L. Naudin's "JLN Labs". His transformer has 1000 turns on diam = 50 mm, meaning that the used wire length of about 345 m. This is very close to
l/2 (as all commercial Hertzian EM wave - antennas have) of Tesla-waves compton wavelength "projected here" ("inside our unity" - precise information is presented in the EOU model), which is equal to: l*(1/2)*RIV/RIII = 741480/2/1056 = 351.08 m! It is obvious that Milan's transformer is resonant to Earth as well as to Tesla waves.
   Our theoretical investigations demonstrated that Tesla waves (until now, better known as Tesla's Non-Hertzian waves) are presumably another name for the "Evanescent mode" (see: Superluminal signal velocity, G.Nimtz, Ann. Phys. (Leipzig) 7 (1998) 7-8, 618-624; "Evanescent modes are not necessarily Einstein causal", Eur.Phys.J.B 7,523-525(1999), and/or Mr. Tom Bearden's "Scalar waves"). Moreover, in our opinion, Tesla waves can be a basic "free" energy "transfer - carriers" in a sense of "outside - inside" energy transformations (according to EOU model, both are "parts" of the same multidimensional Reality)!!!
   To illustrate that EDQ/EOU models' predictions are not random, we can apply the same Model "mechanism" on Mr. Greg Watson's PMOD device, for example. From the picture below, we can see that the "damped wave" period time is t = 9.4*10-8 sec, hence frequency is f = 10.63 MHz and the wavelength is
l = 28.2 m. According to EDQ model, the associated compton wavelength is lc = 1.04 m. It sounds fascinating that the coil used in this experiment (L1) has 40 turns on the core with a diameter = 9 mm, which means that wire length is 1.13 m. Furthermore, signal period (with or without the magnet) has the same value T = 3.7*10-6 sec, or frequency f = 270 kHz. If we "project" this frequency "there", and then "look" at it from "here", according to EDQ/EOU models, we obtain: f = 270*103*1056*0.037 = 10.5 MHz. As we already noted, oscilloscope picture shows REAL signal frequency of f = 10.61 Mhz, which is very close to the model-expected value of 10.5 MHz.
   In Mr. Milan Mancich' experiment, input frequency was 200 Khz and, according to EDQ/EOU model, "overunity" output signal frequency should be: f = 200*103:1056*0.037 = 7 Hz. As we can see on the scope picture given below, real "tapped-signal" frequency is about 28 Hz, which is a "doubled" Tesla wave (compton wavelength) frequency! An almost unbelievable fact is Mr. Mancich' announcement that his "Earth-Tesla wave" HF transformer with ferrite core is resonant at f = 5.1 KHz. If we use previous relation without "overunity" transformation, we obtain: f = 200*103:1056:0.037 = 5.118 KHz !!!

   Without prompting for a conclusion, we can suggest the idea that Milan Mancich reached some kind of "Overunity" effects, because of a great similarity between his "HF transformer" construction parameters and "Earth dimensions", which are both resonant with the frequency matching the Tesla wave frequency range. In the case of Mr. Greg Watson's PMOD experiment this condition was not satisfied, as he works with classical Hertzian EM waves, and his PMOD is NOT "OverUnity" in itself (but is intended to show how one of the necessary elements of a solid state OverUnity power system can be built). Unlike him, Mr Mancich succeeded to "get" Tesla waves in his scope. In our opinion, these waves are "topsy turvy" Hertzian EM waves. Please compare pictures given below:

GW.PMOD efect          M.Mancich Teslian waves

What science say about M.Mancich "resonant rise" waves?

   Official science does not comment on "unconventional,..., alternative" physics devices, such as most "overunity" are. One of very rare yet certainly competent opinions is Mr. Jean Lous Naudin's depiction of Mr M.Mancich Photo:
   "Yes, this is a pure NON LINEAR oscillation of bucking fields. This is produced by the high speed magnetic flux compression in the bifilar coil during the collapse of the inductance. In a bifilar coil, at the moment of the current begin to flow, the inductance of the first coil is max and drops very quickly to zero at the permanent regime. So, the coil energy is released very quickly WITHOUT a link to the source, this is a very interesting effect to explore, because this generates a NON RECIPROCAL EFFECT of the energy flow."
   Similar is an explanation of non-linear oscillations, achieved in G.Watson's Pulse Magnetic Overunity Device, owing the effect to using ferrite H (magnetic field) to B (B =
m (permeability) * H) phase (time) shift (according to Mr. G.Watson's explanation: "... It should be noted that the short current drive pulse DOES NOT (should not) result in any back EMf from the ferrite as the ferrite can't reach fast enough (the phase shift of the B field) ...".
   Both interpretations allude to very fast and narrow pulses, which produce substantial associations to Mr. Nimtz's "Evanescent mode" signals, suggesting that our supposition about Evanescent mode signals and Tesla waves equivalence is probably correct.
So, we can say: "Ok, science indeed allows" for some kind of "Superluminal velocities", as well as for "overunity" effects, even in the case of classical EM waves; but, viewing the above photos,

...One can notice that the "right wave" seems just like a "TIME REVERSED" left wave ...

which means that our EDQ / EOU models' postulates (such as that Tesla waves are "topsy turvy" Hertzian EM waves) are quite OK! ...

   Official science offers us a fact that EM spectrum ends with a long radio waves band, with the largest wavelength of about 104 meters ! ... What is beyond that range ? ...
   We know about "brain" EM waves e.g, but their maximal frequency is about 10 Hz, the wavelength of so called "alfa waves" is about 3*107 m, but - that is quite far from the end of the long radio waves range ... Classical science does not have a correct answer as to what is in this EM spectrum "hole" !
   However, EDQ model, with some kind of (multidimensional) "Periodic Table of the Elements", offers us a reasonable answer. If you still suspect that Tesla waves exist, we suggest that you read "Nikola Tesla Patenti II", Zavod za udzbenike i nastavna sredstva, Beograd,1996.g. page 413. In Nikola Tesla's own words:

   "... It is too noted that the phenomenon here involved in the transmission of electrical energy is one of TRUE CONDUCTION AND IS NOT TO BE CONFOUNDED WITH THE PHENOMENA OF ELECTRICAL RADIATION which have heretofore been observed and which from the very nature and mode of propagation would render practically IMPOSSIBLE THE TRANSMISSION OF ANY APPRECIABLE AMOUNT OF ENERGY TO SUCH DISTANCES as are of practical importance. ..."

Obviously, Nikola Tesla accentuates that his "energy-transfer-waves" ARE NOT HERTZIAN !!!.
   As one can see from the EM spectrum picture on the previous page, according to the EDQ model, Tesla waves are located in the wavelength area between of 103 to 108 meters. Tesla's certifiably great accomplishments, as well as accuracy of our Model, can be illustrated with Tesla's Canadian Patent 142,352 - "Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy through the natural Mediums", citing:

   "... It is necessary to employ oscillations in which the rate of radiation of energy into space IN THE FORM OF HERTZIAN OR ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES IS VERY SMALL. To give an idea, I would say that the frequency should be smaller than twenty thousand per second, though shorter waves might be practicable. The lowest frequency would appear to be six per second, in which case there will be but one node, at or near the ground-plate, and paradoxical as it may seem, the EFFECT WILL INCREASE WITH THE DISTANCE and will be greatest in a region ..."

   Frequency of 20 KHz corresponds to a wavelength of 1.5*104 m, and 6 Hz can be expressed as 5*107 m. which proves that Nikola Tesla's experimental wavelength range recommendation is almost identical to the EDQ model predictions!

   Moreover, a realy great concordance between EDQ Model predictions and concrete, practical investigations done by Nikola Tesla, can be ilustrated by following citation from Dr.James F.Corum and Dr.Kenneth Corum article: Tesla's 1899 Colorado Springs Receiver Construction which one can find On Tesla Memorial Society New York Website. Citing:

   "... A circuit analysis of the coupled coils gives a "double humped" spectrum, with spectral peaks at 22.3 KHz and 22.7 KHz as would be expected with such tight coupling /22.7 KHz - 22.3 KHz = 400 Hz !!! - g.m./. The voltage across the secondary capacitor, Vcs(t), is especially interesting. It is a double side-band signal with an effective "carrier" at about 22.5 KHz (Tesla's Colorado Springs receiver's operated closer to 10 KHz) and "beat" period of 2500 us, which corresponds to a frequency of 400 "beats per second". Interestingly, the envelope of Vc2(t) was maximum at about t=900 us, and the 400 hertz beats could be heard as audio pulses through the earphones. ..."

   As we already said, according to EDQ Model predictions, peak energy level of a Stable object order 9, we named Teslion, whose wave form of the same "space-time-matter" entity ("k9") we called Tesla waves, corresponds to a frequency of 404.59 Hz !!!.

This fact in itself should be a good reason for one to re-read this article ...

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