In Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1899.

   Tesla`s Magnifying Transformer in Colorado Springs, in full activity, produced 12,000,000 V (twelve million volts) and a frequency of 100 KHz (one-hundred thousand oscillatios per second). The flame-like discharges measured sixty-five feet (about 20 meters) across. From the outside antenna these sparks could be seen for a distance of ten miles ...

Tesla`s lab.

   However, this are "Hertzian" effects", and - as we said, Tesla accentuates that his "energy-transfer-waves" "... are not hertzian waves ..." and, moreover: "... It is necessary to employ oscillations in which the rate of radiation of energy into space in the form of hertzian or electromagnetic waves IS VERY SMALL ..."
   That is a basical reason of my great interest in Tesla`s work! By my calculations, only Tesla waves could be a "Stable object order 9" predicted by a Energy Density Quantification model !
   Theory is a theory, but experiment is a experiment. As we already know, there is a several controversial excperiments (faster than light/halted light experiments, Quant teleportation, etc), which are ours reality although they are quite impossible by conventional physics!
   Obviously, some of fundamental, conventional postulates need to be modulated and harmonized with REAL NATURE! We think that Tesla`s work investigations are one of the best courses...

   By my opinion, "Tesla coiler`s" are very significant segment of a "New science" pioneers. So, I`ll do my best with great hope that I`ll become one of them ... one day ...
   To ilustrate ours labour, we introduce to You some "home made" parts of ours experimental equipment and few interesting hertzian effects from the begining of our`s Tesla waves explorations ...

   My "home-laboratory" corner, Tesla coils, Richie Burnett`s, small but very powerful and eficacious MOSFET driver :

All big coil Driver

   than, my best labour maintenance: aunt and wife. Next, my primary, irreplaceables asistants: two misterious yang ladies, Sladjana and Gorana ...

aunt, wife           daughters

   Some of first experiments, singing arc from car ignition coil and one unusual oscillogram issued by "double" (coupled HF and RF component) oscillator :

singing arc           oscillogram

   Larger "pressure" give mightly effects, longer arc and stronger energy transfer :

big arc           Energy transfer

   but you can get a very "brisk-charge" effects also :

Dark Fan stron arc

   and with a little bit of fancy - almost a masterpiece - Tesla`s luminous signature on his own picture :

goga sladja

   or a "spark circle", "electric scatter", burning steel,... :

circle spark spark

   etc ...

   To see a few movies and/or some of NON-hertzian efects click here.

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