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Energy Density Quantification model  and  Model of Eternal Oscilating Universe


         "... Fear of thought and fear of change are the two great anchors which hold civilization back and hold the individual back. ... At every crossroad on the way that leads to the future, each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand men appointed to guard the past 1 ..."

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...   The fact that both Energy relations are now identical, shows that objects energy contents are completely equal, indicating that it is (can be) the same object ( e.g. neutrino - x rays, electron - cosmic rays...) seen on two different ways. With speed increase, the corpuscular object energy increases also. This means that its mass value grows, but when velocity reaches the speed of light, the mass of this object is not infinite. If the corpuscular object speed exceeds the speed of light (regarding our H3), the energy and the mass increase or its wave length decreases. In both cases object energy grows, but its value is finite too. ...

...   our Universe is oscillating, but so that "simultaneously", while its "inner"(for us) part is spatially expanding, at the same time its "outer" (to us) part is spatially contracting. Matter contained in the same multidimensional "sphere" neither disappears from one (inner) world, nor appears from nowhere in the other "outside" world. It just changes the place of existence according to its form and manner of motion, where black and white holes play an important role, working with their “gravitational-form” mechanisms. Owing to the manner of its motion matter is seen differently, depending on its relative motion in relation to the observer. ...

...   According to texts in Bhagavad-Gita, which is accepted as the essence of Upanishad: "... With the start of Brahma's day, this multitude of living creatures is created, and with the arrival of Brahma's night, they are all destroyed...According to "human measurement", a thousand ages together make one Brahma's day, and his night lasts just as long. One Yuga cycle lasts 4,300,000 years. It is estimated that twelve Brahma's hours equal 4,300,000 times 1000 years, and the duration of Brahma's night is just the same. One month is comprised of thirty such days, and one year of twelve months. Brahma lives a hundred such years...Destruction of the material world happens in two ways. Partial destruction of the world occurs every 4,300,000*1000 sun years, or at the end of Brahmaloka, which is the highest planet of the material world. During this partial destruction, the highest planets such as Brahmaloka are not destroyed, but at the end of every period of 4,300,000*1000*2*30*12*100 sun years, the entire cosmic manifestation sinks into immaterial body..."

...   According to Hindu eschatology: "... the Universe and the circle of its re-creation completely correspond to the individual circle of periodic transfers of the soul, so during the "great break up" the entire Universe is completely emptied, and only Prakrti remains (original indifference and immobility of matter) while the original spirit Purusha draws all souls into itself. After this a new cycle begins. Out of Prakrti a new Brahman appears to create a new world, and the original spirit Purusha and all souls are resurrected (...). The similarity to our model isn't just qualitative. If we calculate the time between one "birth" and "destruction" of the world (4,300,000*1000*2*30*365*24*60*60) we get the figure of 9.76*1021 seconds. It is almost fascinating that the time of one period (or oscillation) of Eternal Oscillating Universe has been estimated at 100 billion years, which is 3.15*1021 seconds, which corresponds amazingly precisely with the "duration of one Brahma's life"...

...   By Walter Russell: "... The light which we think we see is but motion. We do not see light. We feel the wave vibrations set up bu the motion that simulates light, but the motion of electric waves that simulate light is not that wich it simulates. ...
   Man's confusion concerning this differentiation lies in his, long assumption of the reality of matter. His assumption that his body is his Self, that his knowledge is in his brain, and that he lives and dies because his body integrates and disintegrates, has been so fundamental a part of his thinking that it is difficult to him to reverse his thinking to the fact that matter is but motion and has no reality beyond simulating reality. ...

...   In general, and "instead of a proper" conclusion, we can say that, according to the model, everything around us can be seen in numerous ways, according to our wishes and goal, and also our abilities and exclusively in way corresponding to our own being and our position in the spacetimematter continuum (this sentence takes on its full meaning in multi-dimensional aspect). Universe (and space too) is "such as it is", due to a general harmony and dialectic unity of the black and white holes, for the time being hypothetical "generators" of basic, essential-structural phases of a dimensionally higher form of motion of spacetimematter, in this model described by the terms spatial -expansion and spatial-contraction, cyclically changing periods of development, evolution and involution of the Universe, and of course, of the "eternal", eternally changing Unity.

...   The table in the appendix can lead to another observation, a really unusual one, illustrating the beauty and harmony of "our" world. It is very interesting that "midway" between the world of particles and the world of waves we should find the proton, the particle whose radius is almost completely the same as its corresponding Compton's wavelength. It is a well-known fact that proton is the particle with the longest half-life period, or the most stable particle in the natural world. Keeping that in mind, we can say that it is the pillar of the Universe, the middle point between "our" (the "inside") world and "the other one" (according to the model "the one outside to our inside"),which in keeping with the qualities of the IV quadrant area in the l cr diagram (gr.3) we invest with the spiritual aspect of our reality...We can also remark that Man HIMSELF (as one of the stable objects) is "inside" in relation to some objects of the Unity, and "outside" in relation to others, which means that mankind has been given much more responsible and important role in our own destiny and destinies of others than we are (at the moment) aware of. The future will show whether WE deserve it ...

   The perceived regularity and harmony, described in our Models EDQ and EOU, which link the mass (energy), radius and corresponding wavelength for some object, do not allow precise and highly reliable results. However, knowing only one of these values enables us to estimate the other values and reach fairly correct results.
   The greatest value of the results obtained in the present paper is in that it offers us a glimpse into the world of matter, energy and radiation in the unfathomable deepness of micro and macro space where official physics axioms are absolutely powerless. Moreover, we can establish relations between different corpuscle-wave energy forms and "link" them although they exist in different "worlds", in theirs - for ich other - "inverse-forms" of SpaceTimeMater.
   Considering all of my prolonged theoretical and experimental investigations, I'm quite sure that:

... cyclical exchanges in a multidimensional vortex-form of SpaceTimeMater, expressed as Unity of polar contrariety ...
... one can "see" as a light, universe, music, atom, idea ...or whatever he CAN and WISH ...

   Consequently, please read previous section again,..., think and rethink,..., but dont forget that:

/1. W.Russell, "The Secret of Light", cite/   "... Thinking without action images visions which die stillborn. Dreamers and visionaries who do not act to give form to their dreams and visions do not express power. ... All the power that man has is in his knowing. And all of it is expressed only by his thinking. However, work must be performed in order to express power. But the power that we express is not in the body. The power that we express is in the still fulcrum of God centering every man - the Light which centers everyone and every creating thing. In that still fulcrum of rest is all the power. The action which extends from it is the expression of power, what we call Creation. ..."

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