Superluminal velocity particles research

Extracts from the article: Magical Attraction of Tesla`s ideas

"Svedok", No.354, May 06. 2003, pages 46,47.

   Electro technical engineer Goran Marjanovich approaches directly and creatively: wireless transmission of energy on great distances , without losses. Marjanovich has developed model of eternally oscillating Universe and theory on quantized energy density of real objects.
   It is unified theory of Micro and Macro Universe based upon average energy density of stabile objects (particles and waves); calculation resulted in Diagram showing the distribution of all the universal objects that are possible in our world; Macro-universe are situated in the second Quadrant, Micro-particles into the third Quadrant and Spiritual objects into the fourth Quadrant.
   Harmony along the scale of mathematical size-values of different entities; Homo Sapiens takes the middle of the scale, on the border of Micro and Macro universe; the quantization ordering for real and stabilized objects is represented by number ‘k’ ; for instance, electron is k=6, neutrino is k=7, photon is k=8; for k=10, we get object that is in wave-form in frequency range below 10 Hz (corresponding to human mental activities, Alpha, beta etc.).


   Energy-space position: k=9 was empty for a long period; according to my model the inertion-mass of supposed object is approximately 10-49< Kg. According to Loui de Broulli, it is frequency 14,8 Hz. My hypothesis is: in wave form takes spectrum of 1 Hz – 30 KHz. For k=9 I couldn’t find any object that would fit, in spite of model prediction, before I found Tesla’s frequency of 11,7 Hz. That was frequency quite close to k=9 and it triggered my deeper interest in tesla’s work. In one of his patent applications, Tesla recommended usage of 6 Hz – 25 KHz, emphasizing that waves he is using for wireless transmition of energy are not of Hertzian nature (aren’t obey classical Maxwell’s ‘electromagnetic equations’).
   From the following:
      - complying with model (identical frequency range and spectrum);
      - stability of the photon as the conveyer of Hertzian waves (k=8);
      - Teslian waves , order (k=9) are of different conveying-quanta and are qualitatively different, also (they are not Maxwell’s EM-waves what fits in my model). I would propose that Non-Hertzian waves we call Tesla’s waves and its quantum conveyer ( particle form of the same object) to call Teslion.

What is the essential difference between Hertzian and tesla’s waves?

   Hertzian waves characteristics: dissipation of the beam in all directions, quantity of received energy content is dependant upon transmission distance, diminishing with factor of distance squared. Not suitable for energy supply on great distances.
   Tesla’s waves, or scalar waves, are not dissipating in propagation through space or earth, especially through Earth. Why is it so? The analogy: Let’s blow over surface of children balloon. Obviously, there is no point of energy concentration on the outer surface: energy is dissipating. Uncontrary, if we blow into the balloon, getting it larger, we would be able to use energy content of inside surface, or cavity, starting from any inside point, of course, if the resonant energy user is induced. Considering the Earth, we conclude that earthed receiver in resonance with emitter is undoubtedly capable of taking energy that way.

Electromagnetic spectrum

Tesla`s wave variant: propagation in straight lines, as laser beam. For that Tesla designed The famous Wardencliffe Tower. But the experimental work was not completed. He probably realized that he could trigger the energy levels that were able to destroy ‘atom nucleus’ or cause the chain collapse of the Ionosphere. I deem that tesla stopped because of Ethical reasons.

   Tesla’s waves are traveling with superluminal velocity. In "WORLD SYSTEM OF WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ENERGY", Telegraph and Telephone Age, Oct. 16, 1927.; "The "Magnifying Transmitter" and Earth Resonance; Tesla wrote:

      "...The mode of propagation of the currents from my transmitter through the terrestrial globe is most extraordinary considering the spread of the electrification of the surface. The wave starts with a theoretically infinite speed, slowing down first very quickly and afterward at a lesser rate until the distance is about six thousand miles, when it proceeds with the speed of light. From there on it again increases in speed, slowly at first, and then more rapidly, reaching the antipode with approximately infinite velocity. The law of motion can be expressed by stating that the waves on the terrestrial surface sweep in equal intervals of time over equal areas, but it must be understood that the current penetrates deep into the earth and the effects produced on the receivers are the same as if the whole flow was confined to the earth's axis joining the transmitter with the antipode. The mean surface speed is thus about 471 200 kilometers per second - fifty-seven per cent. greater than that of the so-called Hertz waves - which should propagate with the velocity of light if they exist. The same constant was found by the noted American astronomer, Capt. J. T. T. See, in his mathematical investigations, for the smallest particles of the ether which he fittingly designated as "etherons". But while in the light of his theory this speed is a physical reality, the spread of the currents at the terrestrial surface is much like the passage of the moon's shadow over the globe.
      It will be difficult for most people engaged in practical pursuits to measure or even to form an adequate conception of the intensity of inspiration and force I derive from that part of my work which has passed into history. I have every reason to consider myself one of the most fortunate men, for I experience incessantly a feeling of inexpressible satisfaction that my alternating system is universally employed in the transmission and distribution of heat, light and power and that also my wireless system, in all its essential features, is used throughout the world for conveying intelligence. But my pioneer efforts in this later field are still grossly misunderstood..."

   Since it was written in 1927, this was heresy (Special Theory of Relativity was widely recognized at the time). Theoretical Light velocity ( C= 300 000 000 m/sec) isn’t meet its measuring in the Vacuum that is C=299.792.458 +/- 12 m/s! There is a gap in between that shows possibility of velocity greater than light, without changing the basic of Quantum Mechanics.
   Overluminal velocity experiments, besides those with Tesla’s scalar waves: with ‘normal’ light, with microwave radiation; (explanation at hand is difference among so called ‘faze velocities’ and ‘group velocities’).Also in Astrophysics: Bell’s paradox, quantum teleportation, Big-Bang, White wholes, Black wholes, etc.

   The only valid solution is CRUCIAL EXPERIMENT.

   Marjanovich (who is extremely skilled with Tesla Coils construction) is working intensively. The goals are:
   - creation and detection of Teslion (k=9 waves or particles);
   - research on their properties, especially propagation problems;
   - measuring of the velocity;
   - creation of ball-lightning structures

      Positive results of above mentioned experiments would be equal to Copernican turning point in contemporary Physics.

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