...NCF the nacional center za photography  

    The National Center of Photography  (NCP) 
    (Serbia, Belgrade) - 11000 Beograd, Obilicev venac 10 
    The NCP was established in 1992. The establishers are historians of photography and photographers from Belgrade and other Serb cities.
    • The NCP has been established on the principles of voluntary associated members, to achieve the following  targets:
    • Collection, research, keeping photos and promotions of photography in Serbia and other regions which are of interest for Serbian people
    • Promotion and development of photographic work in all of  its aspects
    • Organization of exhibits and other manifestations in the field of photography are responsible for promoting Serbian photography
    • Education, training and other forms of learning of the members and exchange of ideas
    • Participation in the social activities to promote photography and NCP activities
    • Cooperation with other organizations, associations, companies, founds, etc.
    • Publishing the photographs and books based on photography
    • Organization of the seminars, workshops, theory lectures,  and practice in photography
    • Documentary activities to collect data and materials on photography in Serbia and Serb authors.
    • Annual Award for the Life Work of  Serbian photographers

    • The Event of the Year in Photography 

FOTOGRAM, 28. 8. 2001.
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