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This is a list of Software that I have. Some Software is avaliable for Download. Others is for EXCHANGE. So if you want Software for free click here don't ask me to give you. If you have something that I don't have write to .

Ovo je lista programa koje ja imam. Neke programe je moguce downloadovati. Ostali su za RAZMENU. Dakle ako ocete programe besplatno klik ovde , nemojte da trazite da vam saljem. Ako imate nesto sto ja nemam pisite na .

Last update: 05 December, 2000


AEG Unlocker v1.01
AEG 711 EEPROM Unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
AEG 710 EEPROM Unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
AEG Dump Unlocker by DaysGSM ( GM240e, GM 410, GM 711)
Clear Code and SP Code for Aeg GM 711 code v1.0
Clear Code and SP Code for Aeg GM 410 code v1.0
Aeg Telit GM 410 by SerbianHacker
AEG Telit SP-Unlocker by Ramad0x


Alcatel HE Flasher
Alcatel HD flash files
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v4.9 by ANDROMEDA GSM GROUP
Alcatel Flash File Converter v1.00.50 by Cage
Alcatel DB 162/163 Language Changer v1.0 by Anicic Mladjan
Alcatel Fast 16d unlocker by Skkeptik
Alcatel DB v16D Unlocker v1.0 by Dr.Zex
(1MB and 2MB)
Alcatel v16c unlocker for Windows v1.0 by Mirko MCS 2000
(+ language flash (Croatian, Deutch, English,...) )
Alcatel DB ALL Solution working 100% and Tested on by Pagi
(included 16C and 16D)
Alcatel DB v16D Fast Unlock
Alcatel DB 16d Unlock Solution 100% working
Alcatel DB 16c Unlock Solution by Bontek
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v12.3 by Daniel Henzulea (special version for SS)
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v12.3 by Daniel Henzulea (need to be cracked)
Alcatel v16c (with ST flash) repair solution after Zulea v11.8 program
Alcatel DB 16c 1mb flash Repair v3.2 by spunkyxy & jacki (BTHS)
Alcatel DB 16c 2mb flash Repair v3.2 by spunkyxy & jacki (BTHS)
Alcatel DB v16C Fast Unlock

!!! Alcatel BE1 Service Software v11.8 by Daniel Henzulea !!!

(work on v16c - 100% working without prefix problem)
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v11.8 by Daniel Henzulea
(work on v16c - Disable outgoing calls (prefix))
Alcatel DB v16b 1mb Unlocked bin
(with croatian language)
Alcatel DB v16b 2mb Unlocked bin
(with croatian language)
Alcatel DB 16C 1, 2Mb patch repair menu v.1.0 by AiKoN GsM TeAm
Alcatel v16c repair solution after Zulea v11.8 program
Alcatel BE1 v16c Dump Unlocker 1.0 by Cyber-Altec
(1Mb and 2Mb + unlocked flashes from v16b (1 and 2Mb) with croatian lang.)
Alcatel BE3 sevice software version 4.0 by Daniel Henzulea
(Alcatel DB View)
Alcatel DB Fucker by Bartek 2.0
Alcatel DB Fucker by Bartek v1.0 beta
Alcatel DB Repair solution by ArtC#2000
Alcatel DB ALL Solution by ArtC#2000
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v9.3 by Daniel Henzulea
(work on v16b  + croatian lang. files 1 and 2Mb)
!!! Alcatel 16A Service Software v9.3 by Daniel Henzulea !!!
(work on v16a  + croatian lang. files 1 and 2Mb)
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v8.3 by Daniel Henzulea
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v7.2 by Daniel Henzulea
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v3.0 by Daniel Henzulea
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v1.0 by Daniel Henzulea
Alcatel BE1 Flash Utility v6.4 by Daniel Henzulea

Alcatel BE1 Service Software v5.4 by ANDROMEDA GSM GROUP - cracked by Contik
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v5.0 by ANDROMEDA GSM GROUP - registered to {O}sMan
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v5.0 by ANDROMEDA GSM GROUP - cracked
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v4.8 by ANDROMEDA GSM GROUP
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v4.1 by ANDROMEDA GSM GROUP
Alcatel BE1 Service Software v4.0 by ANDROMEDA GSM GROUP

+ older software


Audiovox810 & Acer G620 Codes Show v2.0 by Smoother
Audiovox810 Codes Reader


Bosch Tools v0.1 by G.S.M
Bosch Tool v2.20.0 by Koci

All Bosch unlock clip (hex file+schematic+instructions)
Bosch ALLinOnE (Baio) v1.0 by Darktelecom
All Bosch Unlocker 1.2 by PIOTRS (New Full 16 Digit Code Reader)
WinBosch Unlocker v1.0 by Saras
Bosch Universal Unlocker v2.0 by VirtualM
Bosch Unlocker by Angelo
New Universal All Bosch Unlocker v1.0 by
Bosh Unlocker v2.0 by Victor L
Bosch Universal Unlocker v1.0 by VirtualM


FerSRV 2.1 - Fast Ericsson Service (cracked)
Ericsson A2618 see Lock
ATR EEprom Reader/Writer v0.52 by Dirk
Ericsson A2618s Fast unlocker
Fast A1018-Txx unlocker
New Ericsson BIN Service v0.4 by T3chnOShamaN
Ericsson ATR Service software v4.1 by Zulea

Ericsson Workshop ATx v3.0 cracked

Ericsson SPY by SuperDupond
New Ericsson Tool [build120] registered to VoVa
ERAIO: Ericsson AllinOne v0.93 by Darktelecom
New Ericsson Tool [build121] by PRO registered to BoNt3k
Ericsson Maker v1.6 by Bartek registered to YagoDa
Ericsson Maker v1.6 by Bartek registered to Collector
Ericsson Maker v1.5 by Bartek
Ericsson Tool v1.7 by Saras
New Ericsson Tool build115 cracked by Dinix
Ericsson Txx Unlocking solution up to week 30
Ericsson A1018 EEPROM Uploader v3.0 by Zulea
Ericsson Maker v1.4 by Bartek
Ericsson T28s (new) Unlocker v1.24 by bAIKI
Ericsson T10s (new) Unlocker v1.21 by bAIKI
New Ericsson ATR Service software v2.2 by Zulea CRACKED by National
Ericsson Tools 2001 original setup
Ericsson T10s ->T18s How To by Mateoosh
New Ericsson Tool ASM-C v113 by Pro cracked by X-Boot
Ericsson Tools by Dezel (Er2000) Updated by Dezel to suppoert new T10
Ericsson Workshop 2.2 Modified by SuperDupond for NEW SFR T10
Ericsson A1018 T1x Eeprom Reader Writer by Cage v0.80
Ericsson A1018s/Txx Flasher made in UKRAINE
KraZZy Ericsson ATx Flasher v1.0.30
Ericsson Flash file converter v1.00 by Cage
Ericsson T10s NEW EEPROM unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/Artc2000
Ericsson T18s NEW EEPROM unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/Artc2000
Ericsson 8x8 Netmonitor Activator v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC2000
Ericsson 3xx EEPROM unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC2000
Ericsson ATx service v0.0.1 by Terror
Ericsson ER2000 fixup
How To Repair Dead T10s
Ericsson 6xx 7xx flasher by Cage
(list is not complete)


Maxon 6869 Unlocker v1.1 by EDDIESoft
Program for unlocking All Maxon 68xx v3.2 by spunkyxy and jacki
Remove SP-lock maxson 6869 by Tigar
Maxon Sim-lock unlock software v2.0


Mitshubishi Trium Mars MT-050 Unl. v1.0 by MisterMister
Mitshubishi Trium Mars MT-050 Unl. v2.0 by MisterMister
Mitshubishi Trium Unlocker v1.042b by Smoother
Mitshubishi Trium Cable Unlocker by Artur
Mitshubishi Service Software v1.0
Mitshubishi Trium Logger v1.0
Mitshubishi Trium Liberator v1.0 by X-Shadow
All Trium by Dexter
Trium Astral Security Reader and Changer
Mitshubishi Trium Cable Scheme

Mitsubishi MT-140 All Lock Remover by Felix
Mitsubishi MT-x40, MTD30 Splock Remover by DIMO
Mitsubishi MT40 & MT140 Trium New unlocker by Tigar
Mitsubishi EEprom Unlocker v1.99 by Troky
Mitsubishi MT040 +MT140 ALL LOCK REMOVER by DIMO
Mitsubishi MTD30 Unlocker by Serbian Hacker
Mitsubishi MT-430 Unlocker Ver 1.0
Mitsubishi NEO Unlocker v1.0


EMMI BOX Software
EMMI Box Scheme
Motorola IMEI Change for EMMI Box Ver 1.0 by MyKy
Motorola T2288 Shark pinout
Motorola Eastern Europe Flasher for cd920/930
(srpski za Motorole cd920/930)
Motorola New unlocker


Nec Winker v4.02
Nec DB2000 RE-locking Solution by x_Fil


Nokia Service Software v0.84 by Baiki
Nokia Tool v2.0 by Bigbrothers2000
Nokoto Solutions v1.01
Nokia 3210 Vibra Activator by Sigmatec

Nokia SP Unlocker v2.4 by Zulea
(new 5110,3210,7110,8210)
Nokia NSE IMEI Changer v0.60 by Cage
Nokia 3210 v5.31 L1,2 Repair

NSE8 Vibra Lab by Greek GSM Team
Nokia Tool v2.60.0 by KOCI (not registered)
Nokia New Service v1.5 by XPTO
Nokia 3210 Repair v0.1b by Terror
Nokia 3210 v5.36 solution by Warner
Nokia 3210 disassembling instruction
Nokia 3210 5.36 Unlocking Latest News by Brka
Nokia 3210 v5.31 Unlocker with pictures by PESI
Nokia 5110/6110/3210 Contact Service Repair v1.0 by Guar
Nokia WinTrevor v1.5 by Band
Nokia 3210 eeprom analyzer & IMEI changer v0.01b by PeterG
( fix "Contact Service" also )
Nokia 3210 5.36 & 5110 5.29 Solution

Nokia PKD 1 Dongle Scheme + Hex

Nokia 3210 5.36 Unlocking Solution

Nokia IMEI change by Kovalsky
Nokia WinTrevor v1.2 by Band

Nokia Tool v2.10.0 by KOCI Registered
Nokia Tool v2.10.0 by KOCI

Nokia Phone Info v1.0 by Dejan Kaljevic (FULL VERSION)
VirtualX Nokia 7100 UltraNEW Unlocker
(support 7110,7112,8210 and 8250)
Nokia Tool v1.60.01 by KOCI
Nokia 5110 Ver 5.28 Unlocker 1 and 4 by NEW Hacker of ANT
Nokia Tool v1.00 by KOCI
Nokia 8210,8850 Wizard Unlocking Tool 2.1 by GSM_Vamp
Nokia 5110 v5.28 & 3210 5.31 solution
Nokia Unlocker v6.0
Nokia NSE-SP 9.0 by Daniel Henzulea (soft 5.28)
All Nokia Tools by DaysGsm
NOKIA Tool ASM-C by PRO (build 034)
All Nokia 2000 by Dr KOZ
NSE Vibra Activator ASM-C by PRO
Nokia Tool by Pro build 033
Nokia 8210 all version unlocker by Bigbrothers
CyberPhreack ALL Nokia Unlocker
Nokia Unlocker v5.9 by VirtualZ (all soft ver, all phones)
by DarkTelecom Nokia AllinOne v1.6
by DarkTelecom Nokia AllinOne v1.2
(list is not complete)


Panasonic WinModo Plus v1.0 (gd52,gd92)
Panasonic GD30 repair "Warning Unauthorised action detected"
Panasonic Solution how to Repair your GD30
Panasonic GD50 unlocking steps (new firmware) by TAZ
Panasonic gd30 unlock solution below 21 by Borg1505
Panasonic GD90 B16 Solution (Tested 100%)

Panasonic GD90 Repair

Panasonic GD 30 <--> GD 50 Changer (update GD 30 to GD 50 )
Panasonic GD30 & GD50 Repair Solution ( for 10time Call (Power) limit )
Panasonic GD30 a13 unlocker and phone code reader via cable by PIOTRS
Panasonic GD30 Repair Solution + Croatian Language
Panasonic GD30 (11/00  12/00  13/00 ...19/00) Unlocking Solution
(on Serbian language)
Panasonic GD30 GD50 Repair,Unlock by Vikinet
PANASONIC g520, g600 Service Software v3.0 by Zulea
Panasonic GD90 Mobile Toolbox v1.0
Panasonic GD30 Flash File 3xa09
Panasonic GD90 Flasher Intel+Atmel by AiKoN UnLoCk TeAm3
Panasonic GD90 Unlocker by Old man
Panasonic G450 NEW dumper by Cage
Panasonic Unlocker by VirtualX (new flash mode)
NEO GD30 GD50 unlocker
NEO Panasonic GD90 Unlocker Ver1.1
NEO Panasonic Master Unlocker 2.1
Panasonic G450new dumper (eeprom) v1.0 by Bartek
(lista jos nije kompletna)


Philips Savvy TCD168cx Flasher
Philips Savvy TCD1xx New Unlock Info
Original Service Software from Philips for Savvy TCD128 (1.3 MB)
Philips Savvy v1.1 by Saras (by cable)
Philips Savvy SP unlocker 128/BT Movie Star by MAKO
Philips NCK Calculator by Cyber & Chane
Philips Savvy TCD128/BD NCK Check remover by Stealth
Philips Savvy Unlocker v2.7 by VIC

Philips Savvy pin-out

Philips Savvy 168/CX NSCK v1.0 by VIC
Philips Savvy 168/CX NSCK Nalazac

Savvy Tools v1.4 by x_Fil & Sanchez

All Savvy DB Unlocker by EDDIESoft
Philips Savvy Dumper v3.3 by Bartek
All Savvy by Lord Nazar
Philips Savvy Dumper v3.2 by Bartek
Philips Savvy tcd128,B9,H9,S9 New series PCK code algorythm by Xfil
Philips Savvy TCD188 DP v1.1 by Vic
Philips Genie Unlocker v2.1 by Vic
(Genie and Genie 2000)
Philips Genie Unlocker v2.0 by Vic
(Genie and Genie 2000)
Software for Philips Savvy v1.2 by Sanchez
(128 H9/B9/S9/BC/BD/BR, 138 BB/BC/SM, 168 CT/HT/HT new)
unSavvy 168AP v1.0 by DarkTelecom
Philips Savvy EEPROM Unlocker v1.0 by bAIKI
Philips Savvy DB v1.5 by Mirko MCS2000 registered to Dr.Zex
(thanks to Mirko, not for exchange ask autor for it)
Philips Savvy Dumper v1.2 by Bartek
(thanks to Claudiu)
Philips Savvy TCD128 H9 Unlocker v1.0 by Vic
Philips Savvy TCD128 H9 PCK code reader v1.0 by EDDIESoft
Philips Savvy DB Unlocker by PRO & Lord
All Savvy Dump Unlocker v1.0 by Vali
Philips Savvy Unlocker TCD 128/*R TCD 128/B4 by VIC v2.7
CyberPhreack NEW Philips Unlocker
CyberPhreack NEW Philips GENIE Unlocker
Philips Savvy DB v075 by ForkLift
Philips Savvy DB v062 by ForkLift
Philips Savvy DB v050 by ForkLift
Phillips Savvy TCD128 b4 fix permanently blocked phones
(list is not complete)


Sagem WorkShop v1.35 by Denny
Sagem 9xx Unlocker by Cage
Sagem Maker v1.53 by Bartek
Sagem F reader for NCK calc by xx-elFAraON-xx

Sagem NCK all levels calculator v1.11 by Denny
Sagem 9xx Fast Code Reader
Sagem OLD model NCK reader by Zoran Rajcic
Sagem Control Tool v2.12 by XAtlan
SAGEM Modem Activator + Pascal Source code
Sagem Command Line Tool v0.8 by Sagem Doctor
Sagem Maker v1.2 by Bartek
Sagem 9xx PROM Field 0 Repair program by JaltMann
Sagem Workshop v1.02 by Denny

Sagem Control Tool v2.04 by XAtlan
Sagem 922 Language Activator by Zoran Rajcic
Sagem Unlocker by Zoran Rajcic
Kynky's Sagem Tool v01bc
Sagem Control Tool v2.03 by XAtlan

!!! Sagem 9xx NCK calculator !!!
100% working
Easy Unlock for Sagem 939 v1.0b

SAGEM MC 93x - LCD Grabber by Etna
Sagem MC 922 tool by Deni
Sagem Service Software

Sagem Doctor v1.2
Sagem 922 "K" Solution
Sagem 8xx NCK Reader

Sagem Maker v1.0b by Bartek
Sagem 922 Unlocker by VIC
Sagem MC93x Temp Unlocker
Sagem 922 Unlocker v1.8 100% working
Sagem 922 Unlocker v1.1 100% working
agem 922 via cable 100% working
Sagem Doctor : Diagnostic / Repair for Sagem 9xx v1.1
Sagem 939 v4.1e Flash
Sagem 939 v4.1j Flash
All Sagem by cable
Sagem 9xx Undocumented data-cable commands
NCK for SAGEM 8xx/9xx (via cable) v1.15 by Alf
NCK for SAGEM 8xx/9xx (via cable) v1.14 by Alf
Sagem Doctor : Diagnostic / Repair for Sagem 9xx v1.0
NCK for SAGEM 8xx/9xx (via cable) v1.13 by Alf
Sagem 835 FM Unlocker by @Teko
New Sagem Hex File for PIC
Sagem MC930 Phonebook editor
Sagem 939 locked and unlocked eeprom dump
Sagem MC922 Activate language by POWER-SOUND
Sagem MC922, 930, 939 hardware failure repaire by POWER-SOUND
Sagem MC8xx M313 and 314 Croatian Language Activate by POWER-SOUND
CyberPhreack Sagem Unlocker v1.0.53 Beta(7xx,8xx,9xx)
CyberPhreack Sagem Unlocker v1.0.44 Beta(7xx,8xx,9xx)
CyberPhreack Sagem Unlocker v1.0.18 Beta(7xx,8xx,9xx)
Sagem SP-Log 1.10 by Dejan Kaljevic
Sagem MC Series Service Software v2.1 by Andromeda
Sagem MC820 NetMonitor Activator v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
Sagem RC815 plus EEPROM unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
Sagem 7xx EEPROM unlocker v2.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
Sagem 930 NCK Codes
Sagem 940 NCK Codes
Sagem 939 PinOut
Sagem Mc9xx series unlocker by Rakni2000
Sagem Tool Kit Pro v4.1
Sagem DC820 v1.1 by Mee
Sagem Tool by v1.1
Sagem MC930,939 Unlocker by sfurthmaier
Sagem 835FM Unlocker by SlaY!
Sagem 820mc SP-Unlocker 99 by Lewis


Samsung A100 by code
Samsung SGH2200 Unlocker by Zoran Rajcic
Samsung SGH2400 Unlocker by Zoran Rajcic
Samsung SGH 2400 Unlocker by ECES
Samsung SGH 250 DB EEPROM unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
Samsung SGH 2100 DB EEPROM unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
Samsung SGH 2400 DB EEPROM unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
Samsung SGH 21000 DB EEPROM unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
Samsung SGH 2100 & 2400 Unlocker by X-Boot
Samsung 2100DB Unlocker by GSMDoctor
Samsung SGH 2200 by Mee
Samsung SGH 250 & 2x00 Unlocker by Forklift
Samsung SGH 500/600/2100 Home Service Software v3.0 by JVE


Siemens C25,S25 Maker v1.8 by Bartek
Siemens C25,S25 Maker v1.92 by Bartek
Siemens C35 0504 Flash file
Siemens S35 0501 Flash file
Siemens S35 0504 Flash file
Siemens All26
Siemens C25 Language Flasher
Siemens Service Software v 6.0 by Andromeda
Siemens Service Software v 6.1 by Andromeda
Siemens x35 Service Software by Zebedeu
Siemens C/M/S 35 unlocker 100% working
Siemens C28 Fast Unlocker
Siemens C25 v53 Repair Full Description
Siemens x25 LCD Contrast Corrector
Siemens S6/S8/S10/S11/C25 Unlock Software v2.1
Siemens All35

Siemens Maker v1.5 by Bartek

Siemens C25 Fucker v1.0 by SIR
(only for v53)
Siemens C35i Unlocker v0.4

Siemens C25 5303 Flasher
Siemens C25 Maker v1.4 by Bartek

Siemens C35i Unlocker

Siemens C25 Tool reg. to Pacific Cellular Services
( !!! tested and 100% working on v53 !!! )
Siemens C25 Tool by PRO & Lord
( !!! work on v53 !!! )
Siemens C25 v53 Flasher
Siemens c35/s35 Service Software
Memory maps from Siemens C35 and S35
Siemens S35 0501 Flasher
Siemens c35/s35 Explorer v1.100
Siemens C25 Maker v1.2 by Bartek
Siemens Flash Extractor v1.0 by DigitalFrosch
Siemens C25 unlocker by VirtualX (up to v51!!!)
SiemensC25 v43,46,49 All Locks Unlocker by GSM Team v3.0 (cracked by Cluster)
Siemens c25 v49/51 repair solution
Siemens C25 Security Code Reader by GSM Team
Siemens C25 v46,49 SP-Lock Unlocker by Jarecki
Siemens C25 v43/46/49/51 unlocker
Siemens S25 Unlocker by GSM Brothers
Siemens S1-S10 imei changer
Siemens C10e EEPROM unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
Siemens S6,S8,E10 EEPROM unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
Siemens S10 Sony CM-DX2000 unlocker by cable 100%
Siemens S10/S11 unlocker via cable by Kaczor
Siemens C3 C4 and Sony DX1000 eeprom unlocker
Siemens S10 Unlocker by VirtualM
Windows unlocker for Siemens s1088 by BigMix
C10 flasher 0501
E10 flasher 0801
C25 flasher 0705
C25 flasher 1001
C25 flasher 1003
C25 flasher 1208
C25 flasher 4302
C25 flasher 4303
C25 flasher 4603
C25 flasher 4608
C25 flasher 4901
C25 flasher 4903
C25 flasher 4908
C25 flasher 5101
C25 flasher 5108
S25 flasher 0502
S25 flasher 1001
S25 flasher 1202
S25 flasher 1401
S25 flasher 4201
S25 flasher 4401


Sony CD5 unlocker by Buas
Sony CD5 unlocker by Ghost3D

Sony CD5 v1.0.1 by Angelo
Sony CD5 v1.0.0 by Angelo
New Sony CMD C5 Unlocker by Klavices Petrovic
Sony CMD-C5 Unlocker by Kaczor & BoNt3k

Sony CMD 2000 via cable
Sony CMD-C1 EEPROM unlocker v1.0 by YagoDa/ArtC#2000
Sony CMD-C1 unlocker via IMEI v0.3b by YagoDa
Sony C5 unlocker by VirtualM
Sony C5 Hammer v1.0.1
Sony C5 service trace + solution
Sony CMD-C1 unlocker v1.0 by Victor Levunliev


Universal SP Unlocker 4.2 FULL CRACKED (14MB)
Acer GD168F (kitty phone) Unlocker v1.1 by Mee
Exotic Phones Unlock
(Telital GM1xx, GM410, Benefon TGP65, Aselsan 1919)
Dumper v2.0 by Georgi Angelov
Free Eeprom Unlocker 2000 v 4.4 by Lovelas
Dump Explorer v1.10 by Georgi Angelov
Dump Explorer v1.0 by Georgi Angelov
Dump Utility v4.10 by Georgi Angelov
Free Eeprom Unlocker 2000 v 4.0 by Lovelas
Free Eeprom Unlocker 2000 v 3.3 by Lovelas
Free Eeprom Unlocker 2000 v 3.0 by Lovelas
CyberPhreak EEprom Burner v2.0 Crack
CyberPhreak EEprom Burner v2.0
CyberPhreak EEprom Burner v1.1.39
Universal SP Unlocker 4.0
Dump Utility v4.0
Dump Utility v3.0

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