Toni Radev

Comics artist / Illustrator

Bozidarceva 22/29
18000 Nis
Serbia & Montenegro
Phone: +381 18 592 658

I’m a freelance comics artist and illustrator looking for a part time and full time engagement. I am willing to work and cooperate on comic books, comic strips, gags, illustrations and other types of similar visual expression. I am open to cooperate with scenarists in these fields.

I live in Serbia and Montenegro and I am open for cooperation via Internet. The possibility to work on illustration and comics in my country is minimal, and my primary goal at this moment is to get a stable engagement, rather than insist on the level of compensation.


I specialize in the illustration for children and paperback short stories, magazine and book illustrations.

Bumerang Carneval Cook Elvis Krakov Krakov
Marko1 Marko2 Max Pilot Pirates1
Pirates2 Pirates3 Planinari Priests Restoran
SF Til portugalci    


I specialize in comic adventures, gag strips. I consider my style to be neareast to the French comics style.

Bager1 Bager2 Bager3 Krakov1 Krakov2
Krakov3 Krakov4 Krakov5 Krakov6 Krakov7
Krakov8 Krakov9 Lavirint1 Lavirint2 Lavirint3
Lavirint4 Lavirint5 Lavirint6 Lavirint7 Luka1
Luka2 Luka3 Max1 Max2 Max3
Max4 Max5 Max6 Max7 MidnightCabaret1
MidnightCabaret2 MidnightCabaret3 MidnightCabaret4 MidnightCabaret5 MidnightCabaret6
MidnightCabaret7 MidnightCabaret8 Moroni1 Moroni2 Moroni3
Moroni4 Moroni5 Til1 Vrisak  

Published work

2004 Strip Pressing 5: Krakov Krakov, Soldados Soldados (scen Branimir Trosic)
2003 Strip pressing 4: Pact with Irvases (scen Marko Stojanovic)
2002 Pact with Irvases (scen Marko Stojanovic)
2001 Max Debris (second part), Bumerang 3, Bager 4, Scream (scen. Marko Stojanovic) Bager 7-8, Hospital fairytale (scen Marko Stojanovic), The fifth halftime (scen. Branimir Trosic) Strip pressing 1, Adventures of young Til (scen Vladimir Vesovic and Marko stojanovic) Strip pressing 2, 3: Krakov, Krakov, Le téléphone arabe (scen. Djordje Milosavljevic)
2000 Max Debris (first part), Bumerang 2 (scen Djordje Milosavljevic i Marko Stojanovic)
1998 UNHCR humanitarian project in the Open Club Nis: "Freedom and other hallucinations" (collective work)
1997 Strip magazin 9 (with Zoranom Stojiljkovic - Kiza), Morons
1996 Strip Mania br.6 (with Branimir Trosic), Midnight Cabaret - Break on trough to the other side
1995 First and last classroom
1994 Fanzines Patagonia, Krpelj
1993 Operation Gorgonae
1992 Pressing 5: A little adventure of Mirko and Slavko, Pressing 6: Every dog has his day Pressing 7: TORA, Pressing 8, Pressing 9: Moroni 4-5